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Good Heartburn Relief - Acid Reflux Tea

Good Heartburn Relief - Acid Reflux Tea

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Features: acid relief, cooling, muscilaginous, protective, soothing, anti-nausea, digestive aid, anti-inflammatory, neutralizing, indigestion relief


This blend is made for the heartburn sufferer, whether you struggle only after eating or it's a regular occurrence for you, this blend is soothing to your entire digestive tract. This blend is NOT for a pregnant or nursing mama, please check out our Good Mama Belly - Pregnancy Digestive Support Blend.


Herbal Highlights:

Marshmallow root is a muscilaginous herb that coats your esophagus and stomach in a protective gel to ease the pain of heartburn. It is soothing and can help aid digestion and relieve indigestion. 


Yarrow is a relief for indigestion and heartburn, it has anti ulcer properties and can protect against acid damage. It is a bitter, which means it helps aid digestion. 


Ginger root is a digestive aid with anti inflammatory and anti-nausea qualities. It can boost the motility of your digestive tract, reducing acid, while protecting it against the acid damage. 



All organic: Marshmallow root, Yarrow, and Ginger Root


Note that this information is not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose any condition or disease. Follow up with your health professional to know if these products are safe for you. It is your responsibility to advocate for YOUR health, do not consume any teas with ingredients that you are allergic to or may interact with medication that you're on. If you need assistance, please contact us or schedule a consultation for a blend made specifically for YOU and your unique body. 🥰

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