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Good Belly - Gut Health + Digestive Support Tea

Good Belly - Gut Health + Digestive Support Tea

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Features: Relief from stomach upset and gas, nausea reduction, liver cleansing, cooling.

Fennel seed, dandelion, ginger, and peppermint work together to restore and bring balance to your gut. Gentle enough to drink daily or as needed for gut health or upset. Good to have as a helper after eating large meals or disagreeable food.

Herb Highlights:

Fennel is skilled with stomach upset, relieving gas, and digestive discomfort. It helps to reduce inflammation in the bowels as well as decreases bacteria that is causing gassiness. Supports your digestion.

Ginger root is a helper for relieving stomach pains and aches, reducing nausea, diarrhea, and gas. Helpful for morning sickness in pregnancy.

Dandelion is highly nutritive and works as a digestive tonic. Helpful for cleansing the liver and overall health.

Peppermint is cooling and calms an upset stomach. Relaxing the muscles of the digestive tract, it is a helper for gas relief and indigestion. Peppermint is also an ally for relieving nausea.


All Organic: Fennel seed, ginger root, peppermint leaves, and dandelion leaves.

Note that this information is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness. Please do not consume if you are allergic to any ingredients. Talk to a health professional to find out if these products are okay for you to consume. You are responsible for knowing your medical contraindications. 

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Love it!!! Makes me feel so much better