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Herbal Consultation

Herbal Consultation

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So you're interested in knowing which herbs will work best for you...


In an herbal consultation, we will connect for 90-120 minutes via zoom, phone call, or in person. We will talk about your health, starting from when you were young. I will ask you a lot of questions to better understand you holistically and get a list of any supplements, medications, or other remedies you use regularly. I'll put on my thinking cap to formulate and recommend herbs, simple diet changes, and other supporting information you may find useful. Your consultation will come with an XXL bag of your specified blend or multiple blends, depending on what you call for, and will always be available for reorder at normal pricing for you only. 

After our initial consultation I will follow up with you 3-4 weeks later with a 30 minute call or email (whichever you prefer) and hear about your progress and change gears a little if we need to. 

Beyond the initial consultation and follow up - you can schedule follow up consultations where we can compound on what we already know, make any appropriate changes, and work on other issues you may want to address. I'm here to help you holistically, and this part might look a little different for each person, and that's okay! 

Let's connect and find your herbs 🌿 ✨️ 

When you purchase this "product", you will be sent an email to choose an available date and time that works for you. Please make sure you include an email that you check regularly so I can get in touch with you quickly!

Note that I am not a medical doctor and this information is not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose any condition or disease.


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