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Good Stress Support - Herbal Tea

Good Stress Support - Herbal Tea

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Features: anti-anxiety, mood boost, calm body, anti-depressive, relief of obsessive thoughts, brain neurotransmitter assistance

This blend was created for the reduction of stress, depressed feelings, and to calm your body. St. Johns Wort, Lemon balm, Chamomile, and Catnip work together to reduce unpleasant feelings that come from an overly stressed body and mind.

Herbal Highlights

St. Johns Wort is an herb commonly used for anxiety, depression, and even OCD. It is a nervine and mood tonic, helpful for nervousness and circular thinking. St John's Wort should not be taken while nursing, pregnant, or on SSRIs or other mood-stabilizing medications as it can counteract their effects. 

Chamomile is a relaxing and calming herb for your mind and body.

Lemon balm is a gentle nervine, soothing your nervous system and allowing your body to be still and serene.

Catnip is a mild sedative, helping your body remain calm. Yes, this is the same stuff that makes your cat go insane. It is SO good for your nerves.

All Organic - St Johns Wort, Chamomile flowers, Lemon Balm, Catnip


Note that this information is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness. Please do not consume if you are allergic to any ingredients. Talk to a health professional to find out if these products are okay for you to consume.

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